In slip and fall cases, automobile accidents, cases involving a crash, or even product liability the case should be reviewed from an engineering or mechanical perspective to look at how the human body reacted and interacted with the external forces.  Dr. Richard S. Kaplan has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Miami College of Engineering and has extensive experience working with both biomechanical and medical factors in litigation.

To truly understand the causation of both catastrophic and non-catastrophic injuries, Dr. Kaplan can review cam review both the engineering and medical aspects of your case.

Dr. Kaplan can opine on:

  • Causation of injury
  • Injury mechanism
  • Forces/acceleration applied to occupants
  • Occupant motion
  • Restraint effectiveness
  • driver identification


As Dr. Kaplan has both medical and biomechanical expertise he can actually opine as to the cause of death or the medical cause of the injury or when there is insufficient factual detail given as a basis for the opinion.

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