MD Medical Review works with defense counsel to review the opposing expert’s proposed plan of care.  Dr, Kaplan review process will look to review what the plaintiff’s medical expert put into the plan  such as:

  • Transcripts, medical records, and treatment to date
  • Assessment of the cause of your client’s catastrophic injuries
  • Projections and descriptions of current and future medical treatment
  • Review of need for specific treatments
  • Suggestion of alternative less expensive treatments or procedures to meet the plaintiff’s needs
  • Assessment of potential complications that can arise for patients
  • Rehabilitation, home, and living accommodations costs
  • Projected life expectancy
  • Identifying redundant or duplicative care
  • check pricing


We can also provide an alternative plan of care, or a side-by-side comparison, of recommendations and costs if needed.  Our goal is to equip defense counsel with our insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed plaintiff Life Care Plan.

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